Mexicali: Border city with sun, sand, River and… Resident evil?

Hey everyone, Alejandro here. After a couple of months without writing a thing, I want to tell you about my last trip. I’m really happy about it because since last year my girlfriend and I were planning where to travel, of course the covid-19 arrived here in march and we stopped thinking about it. 

Last week I had the opportunity to go visit my girlfriend in Mexicali, a border city with calexico, USA. To be honest, I went with no expectations because I couldn’t find things to do but to see that big wall that separates my country from the north neighbor. In the end,I think that no expectating feeling made this a unique trip.

The first to do after arriving (if you can) is to rent a car, i did it a couple hours later but i really recommend it, mexicali is a desertic city and sometimes the heat is really high to be walking outside all the time, also in my days there i saw just a few buses, i don’t know why, i assume it should be more but i didn’t see many of them.

On the first day I called a man who picked me up from the airport,his name is Enrique. On the route, he took me along the border line to show me some sowing fields, he told me how lots of people cross the border for work, something really common there. 

Enrique told some stories about how common it is that people climb the border wall, also he told how he crossed the border climbing a tree when he was young and ¡lived there 20 years! working and meeting new relatives he didn’t know. After that, I got shocked when he told me that he got arrested in an inmigration jail and sent back a few days later after he had a discussion with a neighbor. I have to say that those stories just left me thinking of how that wall could have a different meaning for everyone.

Of course this trip wasn’t only stories, it also had places to visit. In those days we visited the zoo, I like to see the animals walking through the zoo and sometimes I even like to feed them, so we did it. 

Day 2

On sunday, we took our way to a camp to relax, we rode a bike and did kayak on the hardy river.

Last but not least, we went to Cuervitos Dunes, aplace near to mexicali and to be honest I was feeling like I was approaching a  “super mario” game where the sun tries to kill. I had never visited a place like that, it was really beautiful to relax, see the sunset and also see the people on their ATV’s. Actually, the internet says a lot of people go on weekends and practice sandboarding, i don’t even know how to skate or surf but in the sand sounds great.

Fun fact: For those who are fans from resident evil movies, some scenes of one of the movies took place in these dunes and you can see las vegas sign.

This is everything for today, it’s my fist time i travel since almost 2 years, i don’t travel to often but i really like it, i hope you enjoy it like i did, see you soon.

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