Most people don’t leave here, but I had to

Hello everyone, alejandro here again

I’m writing this uncommon post because yesterday was a day out of the routine for me and I wanted to share it with you.

Today i finally traveled back to the city i’m currently living for the last years, i mentioned this because yesterday i took a plane to leave my hometown, it was actually a short flight but it was a good day to take some pictures, i want to share them with you and if you haven’t met this place at least you’re going to see it  here (Only rom the sky perspective because you know–covid).

If you haven’t seen any of my other posts, for the last 3 months i had to come back with my parents, i lost my job, the school period was over so i decided to visit them for a while. The plan was to stay there just 1 month but clearly the plans didn’t go as planned because of the increasing positive contagion.

Leaving behind the part that in my personal decision I don’t go out, this time gave me the opportunity to start to be active here in the blog, it let me start with my first experiences with my entrepreneurship.

Business is one topic i’m currently talking about in my blog because now i’m really into it because of college and my project, but another topic that this short flight of yesterday reminded me i really like travels, that sensation sensation you feel when you know you are leaving and many other thoughts.

At this point i think i just kept writing a lot and don’t want you all to think, “too much text”, so now like people would say around here, what is promised is debt, here are the pictures.


Puerto vallarta, México

A small beautiful city located in the pacific ocean, it’s sorrounded by mountains and the ocean. Small city,great people.

The pictures aren’t the best ones but if you get interested i invite to take a look online 

This place is just one beatiful place i wanted to talk about today, i don’t know if any of you have ever been there but if you did tell me what do you think.

Before I go i’d like to mention, I felt comfortable talking about this short trip, maybe I’ll keep this topic. I warn you that I am not an experienced traveler but if I do I will do my best.

See you, thanks for reading.

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