Week 8: Everything is taking shape

Hey everyone, Alejandro here again like every week of the past 2 months, telling you what is going on with this business project, the things we have to do to keep it working and also some thoughts in the process.

Last Thursday I published the don’t forget to protect your work. In that post i told you about the assignment of rights of intellectual property, a really important part to take into consideration in any business, also in the post i showed the example of my own document hoping it would be helpful to you.

A point of the week was our appointment in the ministry of treasury web, sadly and also obviously because of the pandemic situation the offices aren’t working normally, and because of this our appointment was scheduled within three weeks. Also the appointment isn’t the only one we need to take, this procedure we think it’s going to take us at least another visit.

Another thing I think it’s not directly a business topic but I will share is my coming back to school. I started my online classes and with that I hope those last classes bring me more knowledge and focus because now I have to comply  with a schedule, something that to be honest I didn’t have the last three months.

Last but not least, if you have any doubt, comment or thought you want to share feel free to share it in the comments box because i’m currently looking to improve this blog and with your feedback it could be possible. 

I hope you liked this post, see you next week. 

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